The Hardstyle Pianist has taken the Hardstyle scene by storm, arranging famous hardstyle tracks and playing them on a classical piano. During his ‘Hardstyle Pianist In Concert’ concept he even brings a complete string orchestra, percussion, solo-instrumentalists and singers to the stage. The Hardstyle Pianist started out recording the arrangements he played on video and posting them on his Youtube channel and Facebook page. 

The Hardstyle Pianist played live during many events and the biggest festivals and he launched his concept ‘Hardstyle Pianist In Concert', a collaboration between iGNITE! Music management and HEDON Productiehuis, in a sold-out HEDON Zwolle (NL) and has already worked with and built a fanbase amongst the biggest names in the Hardstyle scene.

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Hardstyle Pianist in Concert - Encore

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